Thursday, December 3, 2009


When I'm having an awful day, I find that something that can always cheer me up is shopping. It's the perfection of finding a pair of shoes or jeans that can make you feel so fulfilled and happy. I believe shopping can take your mind of the troubles that you are facing and just let you relax to do something that is truly exciting. It can be a pair of earrings to a dress, it doesn't matter the size as long as you like it and it was exactly what you had in mind. It can just cheer you up in a second. Shopping is a way of meditating (it might sound stupid, but it's true) because it is an easy way to enjoy yourself and find excellent things instead of worrying about school or other problems in life. The best thing about shopping is when you find that perfect thing that you weren't even looking for but when you saw it, you directly knew it was meant for you. It is such a great feeling and can make you forget everything around you since you are only thinking about that dress, shirt, or pair of jeans that you just bought. I also like coming home and I start putting the clothes in the closet because it gives me time to admire the things I bought and just imagine myself wearing them to some special occasion or just simply for school the next day. You don't even have to feel sad to enjoy shopping, you can have fun shopping any day, any time.