Tuesday, October 27, 2009


There are so many destinations in the world to travel to depending on what you want to experience, or see. Do you want to see animals up close without being in a zoo? Do you want to relax in the sun with the crystal blue water only some meters from your hotel? Do you want to experience real city life? Do you want to go skiing in high, beautiful mountains? Today there are so many places that can satisfy whatever you want to do. Traveling is a great way to see life through a new perspective, learn new things, acknowledge different ideas, meet diverse cultures, etc. I really enjoy traveling because it's a way to learn new things through fun activities, and just get away from my daily routines. I think everybody sometimes have to get away from their usual lives to experience something fresh, and enjoy themselves. I've always appreciated traveling even if at first I'm might be a little reluctant to go to a certain place, such as Pantanal, which is only forest and animals. One of the essential things to have when traveling is an open mind, you have to be open to the new things so that you can really appreciate the whole trip. For example, trying new foods that you could never have imagined eating, or snorkeling in a sea full of sharks. I find it hard to sometimes do these kinds of things but when I do it, I feel so much better afterwards because it has usually been fun and exciting. Traveling is one of the best things in life, and I love it!

Friday, October 23, 2009


No matter what happens in life, no one can take away your memories. You can lose absolute everything but at least your memories will always be yours. There are sad, happy, horrible, funny, tragic, embarrassing moments that happen throughout a person's life. Even though people say they would only like to keep the good ones, I don't think they really want to forget memories just because they were "bad" because it shaped their character, and might have changed their perspective on things. There are many things in life I could live without, but my memories are not one of them. I just can't imagine forgetting or losing all the moments I've experienced throughout my life. My memories are mine, and all material things in life don't measure up to them, and definitely not to the people in my memories. They can make you happy, feel good about yourself, make you sad, ashamed, and 1000 of more emotions that would take the whole blog to write. In the end, you are left with your memories, and it is one of the most precious things you have in life.

Friday, October 16, 2009


There are so many sports these days, including soccer, basketball, handball, volleyball, swimming, horseback riding, cheerleading (yes it is a sport), skiing, gymnastics, the list goes on forever and ever. Practicing sports are good for your body, and mind since you are exercising but still having fun and usually letting go of all your stress. I think sports are a a really good way to relax, and just enjoy yourself while you are still improving your health. I'm in the basketball team in school, and I have also been a cheerleader. Many people say cheerleading is not a sport which is a total lie, people say that because they have never been part of a practice! Although I'm only doing these sports I like a lot of others, such as soccer because it is a great team sport, where many people can participate. Several people don't like to exercise because they think it's boring to go to the gym by themselves , but doing a sport with your friends is a awesome way to stay healthy, and have a great time.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I don't see how I could actually survive without internet after being used to it for so long. It's not like I can't be without it for a week or two, it is just that I can solve so many problems and do so many things on it. I can find answers to almost any thing I would need help with, talk with friends, play games, make new friends, buy things, waste time, have fun, watch TV shows and just relax. The internet is important in almost everybody's lives today, and as technology gets better, and the internet improves, I think it will just become more and more useful. Internet is such an obvious thing these days, and most people take for granted that everyone have access to it. Of course, this is not true but most do even if it's not at home, they can go to an internet cafe, or maybe use the internet from their school or work. It's not good to spend hours and hours surfing on the web, but there is nothing wrong with doing it every day for a moderate amount of time. Internet is part of most people's daily lives today, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


When you just feel like reading something fast but that is still interesting, a magazine is a really good option. The information is small, and one magazine includes so many different topics, for example the magazine "Seventeen" has quizzes, interviews, fashion, interesting facts, competitions, gossip, and a lot more. I really enjoy magazines because they are faster to read than a book, and sometimes when you are too lazy to really focus on what you are reading, at least you can look at the photos and it still makes sense. It's a great way to relax, and it's something that everyone can appreciate because there is a magazine genre for everyone. There are magazines about fashion, science, history, gossip, politics, culture, psychology, sports, religion, cars, etc. So there will always be a magazine out there which can please and satisfy your interests.

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