Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Many people might think that I hate the sun and the warm weather because I always complain about it however I actually love it, as long as I am at the beach. No one likes to go around sweating in school but as long as you are at the beach with the ocean to swim in, the warm weather is very nice. There are many pretty beaches in Brazil and they are really worth visiting because they all have something different to offer. My favorite beaches are Juquehy and Riviera. I really like Juquehy because it is very beautiful, it has good restaurants, fun shopping, and the beach offers a variety of things to do like play sports, etc. The main reason I really like Riviera is that I have many excellent memories from being there with Jéssica but it is also very pretty and it has an awesome shopping. If you live in Brazil, you have to visit the beaches because they are one of the prettiest things Brazil has to offer. I love going to the beach because I get to relax, have fun, swim, spend time with my family, and for many other reasons. The bottom line is that the beach is wonderful and as long as the weather is good, you'll always have something to do instead of just watching TV all day.

(The photo I took in Angra dos Reis during Carnaval)

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Facebook is one of the most popular social networking websites right now, and it has over 400 million users. It's a great site for staying in contact with friends, share photos, and see what people are up to, basically a great way to follow others lives. I started using Facebook since about 1 or 2 years ago and in the beginning I barely used it because there were not a lot of people using it. However, now I don't let one day pass without visiting Facebook because there are so many people using it so there are always new status updates and other things. I also use Facebook a lot because I can stay in contact with my friends from Sweden in a very simple and easy way since I can both use Facebook Chat if he or she is online or just send a wallpost for the person to see later if he or she is not. Another reason I really like this site is because it has groups for the user to join and there are some really funny groups that you can join such as "Dear Pringles, I cannot fit my hand into your tube of deliciousness" . I think Facebook is a very modern site and because of it's huge popularity, Facebook will probably continue being used for many years to come.

(Statistics taken from Wikipedia and photo taken from here)

Thursday, March 11, 2010


To feel happy is one of the best feelings in the world and it can be caused by many factors. These include getting a new friend, getting a new boyfriend/girlfriend, getting a new family member, seeing your idol, acquiring what you have been longing for, listening to good music, just feeling good, finding out something truly exciting, doing well in school or work, feeling confident, traveling, the list could go on forever. I know that happiness is something everybody wants and some people spend their whole life searching for it, some people find it and some don't. There are many reasons to be happy and I think we all have some, even those people who are pretty miserable can usually feel happy for at least one reason. It is just about being optimistic and trying to see the best that could come out from whatever happens, we can usually see something that is motivation enough to feel happy. Today, for example, I became happy when I realized it was thursday although I thought it was only wednesday. It is a very small thing but just seeing that the week was a little closer to the weekend made my day and made me feel happy. One of the feelings necessary in life is happiness.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


House is a very famous TV Show, which sixth season is now sending on TV. It's about a doctor, Gregory House, who is the head of the medicine diagnostics at Princeton-Plainsboro (a hospital). He is very smart and seems to know all the answers to every bizarre case of undiagnosed diseases he receives. However, he is very mean, sarcastic, and doesn't display feelings or affection towards anyone. Many people believe this is because House is in constant pain because of the lack of muscles in his thigh, which makes him a cripple since he can't walk without a cane. Together with his three employees, House solves cases that no other doctor is able to find the answer to. I love this show because House is so funny and he always seems to be able to turn horrible things into jokes, simply because he really doesn't care about them. I think that although he seems really harsh, you can see at times he regrets what he just said or did and all he really wants is to be understood. He treats his best friend Wilson really badly but you can still see that he really cares for him even though he pretends not to. I can watch House for hours without getting bored and I recommend it to everyone.