Friday, January 29, 2010

Losing Track of Time

When you are doing something so fun that you simply lose track of time, all of sudden hours passed and you didn't even realize. I love when that happens because that really shows you enjoyed yourself and didn't care enough to keep checking what time it is. I know that when I'm bored or I am doing something really dull, I keep looking at the clock because I just want time to pass. But then when I do something extremely exciting and I don't want the moment to ever end, it passes by in what feels like a second. Isn't that just so ironic? When you want time to pass, it doesn't but when you don't want it to, it goes by way to fast! Losing track of time is a great way to show that you actually relaxed and just let lose for a little bit. You didn't let yourself be defined by what time it was because it just didn't matter. It's like when I go out with my friends and I have a time that I have to leave but I just don't look at the clock all the time because I'm simply enjoying myself so much I don't see the purpose to why I would want to know what time it is.

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