Monday, February 8, 2010


One of the worst things with school is that we can't wake up whenever we want, we never really get to sleep as long as our bodies should. When I wake up for school, I'm almost always tired because I didn't wake up by myself but by the stupid alarm. However when I do get to sleep as long as I want, I tend to wake up feeling nice and alert because my body got the hours of sleep it needed. Not only is sleeping extremely comfortable and relaxing, it is very important and to be healthy we need to sleep. Many teenagers tend not to get enough sleep because they go to bed too late, which is usually caused by them not wanting to sleep, or they are very stressed with school and other factors that they simply can't. Although most of us know that sleep is extremely necessary to be healthy, many people still don't sleep enough and don't seem to try and do something about it. I know that I love to sleep but sometimes I don't sleep enough because I don't have time or I want to read my book, stay on the computer, or watch some TV program, so I stay up late although I have to wake up early. Nothing is better than waking up feeling completely rested and just knowing that you just had a really good night sleep.

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