Saturday, February 27, 2010


The best phone right now is definitely a blackberry, it has all the basic things every phone needs but also some extras that make it stand out next to the others. A blackberry is easy to use because there are no real complicated features that can't be understood. Most people think of the blackberry as a big, work phone but there are phone versions from blackberry that aren't bigger than any other phone. I love the blackberry because it has the real keyboard, it is not complicated, and it has awesome applications. It's also very easy to surf the internet or talk to other people by using a normal SMS, MSN or even facebook. My favorite thing about the blackberry is BBM (Blackberry Messenger), which allows you to talk to other people who have a blackberry for free. It's perfect because it is so simple to use and easy to connect with others, you can send photos, documents and links among many other things. It's like MSN but only for those who own a blackberry. BBM is continuously upgraded, and better and newer version come out all the time, and these downloads are for free, which makes it even better. There are many different types of blackberry but my favorite (the one I own) is the Blackberry curve 8520! It is relatively small without making the keyboard complicated to use, a good camera, and has a trackpad (a small version of the ones on laptops). If you are thinking about buying a new phone, you should definitely buy a blackberry!

(The photo is of the curve 8520 and was taken from here)

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You write a good advertisement.