Friday, October 16, 2009


There are so many sports these days, including soccer, basketball, handball, volleyball, swimming, horseback riding, cheerleading (yes it is a sport), skiing, gymnastics, the list goes on forever and ever. Practicing sports are good for your body, and mind since you are exercising but still having fun and usually letting go of all your stress. I think sports are a a really good way to relax, and just enjoy yourself while you are still improving your health. I'm in the basketball team in school, and I have also been a cheerleader. Many people say cheerleading is not a sport which is a total lie, people say that because they have never been part of a practice! Although I'm only doing these sports I like a lot of others, such as soccer because it is a great team sport, where many people can participate. Several people don't like to exercise because they think it's boring to go to the gym by themselves , but doing a sport with your friends is a awesome way to stay healthy, and have a great time.

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