Friday, April 23, 2010


The feeling when really excellent chocolate melts in your mouth is truly amazing. If there is something I really love, it's chocolate but not any chocolate, only the really good ones like Marabou (Swedish chocolate) and Lindt. There are so many varieties of chocolate flavors and sometimes I have a really hard time to choose one that I want because usually they all taste great. For example, take Marabou. They have about 10 different flavors (if not more) and even though I prefer the original milk chocolate, I sometimes want to try another one but then I don't know which one to choose. My favorite flavors when it comes to Marabou and actually any other chocolate is the original milk chocolate because it's simple and just tastes wonderful. The reason that I love chocolate so much is because you can never get tired of it. No matter which flavor you choose, you'll not be disappointed because just the chocolate component makes it awesome. Another reason I really love chocolate is because it can make me happy any day. When I feel stressed, sad, or I am having a really bad day, chocolate is always able to cheer me up. Sometimes just the thought of having chocolate when I come home makes everything a little bit better. It may sound stupid, but chocolate really is one of the things that make life better.
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ViaPyon said...

I totally agree:D
Chocolate just makes life a little more beautiful, doesn't it?